BØRNS - Charlotte Cardin and Mikky Ekko

With another sold out night, several were eager to see BØRNS earlier this week in Atlanta. With using this tour to promote his latest album: Blue Madonna, BØRNS brought along both Mikky Ekko and Charlotte Cardin to join him for his U.S. leg of the tour. 

With fans eager for the show to start, Mikky Ekko started the evening with his amazing vocals, captivating the crowd. The singer brought his unique sound that had the crowd jumping and begging for more especially while performing his latest single "Not The One." Ekko slowed things down when performing his well known collab with Rihanna, "Stay." While serving vocals and walking through the crowd, Ekko created a very memorable moment for any one who was present. 

With an excited crowd and a keyboard setup, Charlotte Cardin was up next and had the crowd instantly fall in love with her. Performing songs from her debut EP: Main Girl, Charlotte brought out a whole another level of excitement to the venue.  Cardin became very lovable with her constant interaction with the audience, and informed the crowd that her team was recording the night for her upcoming music video. Finishing with her biggest hit "Main Girl," and thanking the crowd with a group selfie, Charlotte left her mark for the evening. 

After two amazing acts, BØRNS quickly captivated the audience when starting the night off with "God Save Our Young Blood." As BØRNS filled the venue with energy, the audience returned the exact energy by singing along to every single word. Not only did his performance win over the crowd, but the stage set and lights were as well very captivating. With the lights constantly changing from orange to magenta as the show progressed, there was not one single dull moment during the night. Performing the entirety of his most recent album Blue Madonna, BØRNS waved to the crowd goodbye. The crowd quickly began to chant his name hoping for an encore. After a few minutes, he returned with a quite lengthy, but amazing, encore finishing the night with his biggest hit "Electric Love." With his amazing style and aesthetic, BØRNS gave a spectacular show that any new or old fan for sure loved. Overall, the night was truly magical and is highly recommended that one MUST attend a BØRNS concert.