Lights - Chase Atlantic and DCF

Ten years ago Lights came to perform in Atlanta for the first time, and since then, she has been back to Atlanta quite a few times. Promoting her fourth album, Skin & Earth, Lights brought her "We Were Here" tour to Center Stage this past Tuesday, while also bringing along Chase Atlantic and DCF as her supporting acts for the tour.

Starting the night, a Shakespearean dressed up DCF came onto the stage to hype up the crowd. Just being a one-main production, DCF pumped up the crowd with his EDM beats and his vocals. It indeed was a very short act, but he had the crowd jumping and begging for more. One could argue that he was a perfect example of a hype man. 

Changing up the dance sound, the Australian band, Chase Atlantic, gave the crowd a whole different energy with their alternative sound. While several fans sang along, the venue was quickly filled with powerful vocals and notes from several different instruments: saxophone, electric guitar, and the drums. With constant interaction with crowd, the band gave an amazing performance that had left everyone standing and begging for more. 

As time approached for Lights to come out, the excitement only grew more and more. As the intro commenced, the crowd chanted the singer's name, and she started off the night flawless performances of both "New Fears" and "Savage," two singles off her latest album. 

With such a diverse setlist, both new and old fans had every reason to love what Lights had to offer. Taking us back to the Myspace days, Lights performed songs from her first EP: Lights. As both hers and the crowd's voices filled Center Stage, it was clear that everyone was having an amazing night. Lights also made sure to show some love to all her past projects while also performing newer songs.   

The whole night felt like a party with the constant singing, dancing, and jumping. It was for sure the best thing one can do on a Tuesday night. While evoking so much excitement and energy, Lights gave an amazing, memorable show leaving every attendee eager to see her again sometime soon. Lights is touring all through March and April, and it is HIGHLY recommended to attend one of her upcoming shows.