Kacey Musgraves

Joining the legendary John Prine, Kacey Musgraves comes to Atlanta as the special guest for the evening and puts on a spectacular show.  

As the lights dim low, and everyone is fully seated in the iconic Fox theatre, country music singer and songwriter Kacey Musgraves takes the stage, accompanied by five other band mates. What appears to be a quiet Musgraves, the singer introduces herself and says it is an honor to be in such a beautiful venue. Not so quiet, the country singer’s voice begins to resonate throughout the theatre as she sings “Stupid” from her debut album Same Trailer Different Park.

With a huge smile as she performs, the audience stares and listens admiringly as Musgraves sounds exactly like the recording, if not, even better than the recording itself. Starting off with a bang, Kacey Musgraves then proceeds to sing her lead single from Pageant MaterialBiscuits,” and keeps amazing the crowd with her voice and her warming smile.

Seeing how there are no graphics or stage effects, the show itself quickly becomes very intimate through the side conversations that the singer constantly has with the audience. She expresses her love for the venue and city, and her gratitude for the audience for letting her perform a front of them.

Bringing an R&B classic back to Atlanta, Musgraves performs her rendition of “Crazy,” by Gnarls Barkley. She brings a beautiful, country tone to the hit, the approving audience sings along as she performs. She indeed brought justice to the song, and it is pretty sure Barkley would approve of Musgraves’ beautiful rendition.

As the show goes on, the singer recounts her first, hilarious encounter with the legendary John Prine and how she tried to get high with him. As she fills the venue with laughter, Musgraves proceeds to perform “Burn One With John Prine.” Creating such a joyful experience, the audience is filled with excitement and cheer from start to finish.

As the show goes on, it becomes very hard not to full in love with both the singer’s stage presence and her personality. With the holidays approaching, she gives an early Thanksgiving shout out to the audience, and admits to how much she loves the holidays. Her love for the holidays  is the reason why she made her Christmas-themed album, A Very Kacey ChristmasBefore proceeding, she asks the audience if it would be all right if she performs a Christmas song despite it being November. With an approved uproar from the crowd, the singer brings the holiday spirit with “Present Without a Bow.”

Informing the audience of her upbringing, Kacey talks how she fought hard in making “Merry Go’Round” her debut single. As she performs the piece, the performance is filled with so much raw emotion, revealing how much this song truly means to Musgraves.

As the show comes to an end, Kacey thanks the audience for an amazing night. Finishing the night with a bang, Musgraves performs her hit “Follow Your Arrow,” filling the theatre with both a beautiful vocal performance and message.

Musgrave’s love for her craft is apparent, and did an amazing job at delivering a one of a kind show. Kacey Musgrave is set to tour once again this upcoming year with both Little Big Town and Harry Styles. If you have not had the chance to see the singer live, it is highly recommended, it is an experience not to be missed. 

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