Nina Nesbitt

Having Atlanta be the first stop of the tour, this past weekend Nina Nesbitt opened up for Jesse McCartney at Buckhead theatre. Without the aid of a band, Nina took on the stage with only a keyboard and guitar present, but quickly proved that was enough to showcase her talent. With constant crowd interaction, Nina talked about a past relationship of hers, and proceeds to perform "The Best You Had." As she captivates the crowd with her delicate voice, Nina keeps the crowd excited by performing covers such as "A Case of You" by Joni Mitchell. Showing that she can work on the spot, she asked the crowd what they wanted to hear, "Taylor Swift," is shouted from the audience right away.  A gleeful Nina holds on to her guitar, and teleports the theatre to past as she proceeds to sing "Love Story," and quickly the whole theatre is filled with singing voices. With just being a one-women, acoustic show, Nina proves that she has the power to captivate a crowd, and with such an amazing first show there are more to come as she tours along with Jesse McCartney.  Check out some of the images from the show down below!