Romeo Santos

Bachata superstar, Romeo Santos, brought the Golden Tour to Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA. El Rey de la Bachata has been touring the states since February and will be hitting several, other U.S. cities for the remaining of March.

With a fully packed arena, Santos brought the energy and rhythm by not only performing some of his recent hits, but as well bringing in some throwbacks from his Aventura days. The whole night was filled with spectacular lights and excitement, making it hard not to dance along with the singer as he hyped up the crowd.

With live musicians and vibrant colors, the Latin feel was dominant throughout the whole night. Santos took the time to thanks his fans for coming, while constantly transitioning into the next song with full energy. It’s clear why Santos has achieved the title: the King of Bachata. This is a show that any Spanish music lover must attend, for every moment was packed with intense heat, while having the arena constantly roar with cheer and excitement.

Check out some of the images from the show!